Call for applications: International Directors' Seminar 2017

The next International Directors' Seminar for Children's and Young People's Theatre will take place in Oldenburg (Oldbg) in northern Germany from 12 - 18 June, 2017. 
It will deal with the theme of "Streets and Crossroads": 
Streets and Crossroads
Streets exist everywhere in the world. People meet in the streets, they perform in streets, some live their lives in the streets and others see life as a journey where every crossroads means a decision.
Streets can be markets, they can be noisy or quiet, they can be stages for the dramas and the richness of life. They can be places for poverty and spending, for music and movement, for power and progress, for endless possibilities and uncrossable barriers.
Streets are public spaces where political ideas are voiced, where protest is made visible, where power relations are questioned and challenged, where people join forces to express what is important to them.
 The idea of streets from different directions meeting at a crossroads and creating an open space, is our starting point for this years’ International Directors’ Seminar. 
Every ASSITEJ-Center is invited to nominate one director from their respective country to take part in this seminar. Please send his/her application for the "International Directors' Seminar" (including a current concise curriculum vitae, the application form and a letter of motivation) by letter, fax or e-mail no later than November 7th, 2016
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Call for Applications (Download)

International Directors' Seminar 2015

6 - 11 July 2015 in Mannheim (Germany)
The International Directors' Seminar took place in Mannheim in co-operation with the National Theater and its Young Theater “Schnawwl”. The “Schnawwl” at the “Nationaltheater” is one of Germany’s leading theaters working for young audiences (
In 2015 the International Directors' Seminar investigated the theme of progress. Progress implies a movement towards a future. Will it be a better future? Is progress inherent in the relationship between children and adults? What are the social, practical and economical dimensions of progress?
Many participants of the seminar 2015 have shared their impressions with us (thank you) and have shared photos and ideas on facebook. 
Visit ASSITEJ Germany's facebook page for more information and check out what Alex Desbrock from Australia wrote here:

Das Internationale Regieseminar/ The International Directors' Seminar

General information:
Every other year, ASSITEJ Germany invites directors' from all over the world to particpate in the International Directors' Seminar.
The next call for applications will be published in October 2016.
A list of all participants since 1976 and of the topics discussed can be found here
Seit 1993 findet das Internationale Regieseminar im wiedervereinigten Deutschland statt. Die Veranstaltung knüpft an eine Tradition aus der DDR an und führt die Idee fort, ein Forum zu schaffen, wo sich Regisseurinnen und Regisseure aus aller Welt begegnen, fachlich austauschen und intensiv gemeinsam arbeiten können. Verschiedenste Ansätze und Methoden aber auch Vorstellungen vom Theater für Kinder und Jugendliche begegnen sich während des Seminars.
Rund 25 Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer sind in der Regel dabei, wenn alle zwei Jahre ein anderes Mitgliedstheater der ASSITEJ einlädt. Die Veranstaltung findet in englischer Sprache statt.
Bisherige Themen waren:
1993 - The Rights of Children
1995 - Death and Farewell
1997 - Theatrical Signs in Theatre for Small Children
1999 - Fairytales
2001 - Fear and Hope - Staging the Reality of Today's Children
2003 - The Antagonist on Stage
2005 - Family on Stage
2007 - Heroes and Idols - Rituals of Power and Self-Awareness
2009 - Stories of Migration
2011 - Money makes the World go 'round
2013 - Heimat (Home)
Ein englischsprachiger Flyer informiert mögliche Teilnehmer aus den rund 75 Ländern, in denen die ASSITEJ vertreten ist über die Veranstaltung und über die Bewerbungsmodalitäten. Der Flyer kann in der Geschäftsstelle angefordert werden.
Eine Übersicht über alle ehemaligen Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer finden Sie hier (pdf-Dokument).